Drug Bag Filling Machine

Bag Printing, Filling & Closure assembly.
Filling controlled using Mass-Flow meters.
CIP system.
Various bag sizes and fill volumes
3 Robots – 6 axis and SCARA
5 Vision systems for robot guidance and product inspection
Pharmaceutical standard of finish
Built in HEPA filtration

Blister Pack Assembly Machine
Rotary index assembly machine
2 SCARA robots
Hot melt adhesive dispense
Inkjet print of date & lot number
Vision inspect of print

Cartridge Filling Machine
3 chamber filling using servo controlled positive displacement ceramic piston pumps
Multiple solutions and volumes.
Check weigh before and after each fill station.
Reservoir filling system
Servo controlled torque capping
Vision system for ensuring product quality

Pharmaceutical Vial Handling System
Passive RABS (Restricted Access Barrier System)
2 robots – 6 axis cleanroom
Pharmaceutical grade finish
Quick release vibratory bowls & tracks

Assembly & Inspection Machine
Cam & servo actuations
3 Vision systems for product location and inspection

Pharmaceutical Bottle Filling Machine
Seventeen bottle sizes from 4ml to 2 litre
Four dropper tip sizes
Eight cap sizes
Servo controlled positive displacement piston pumps
Servo controlled torque capping
Three vision systems for ensuring product quality