Vial Print and Inspection Machine – VP180

Ward Automation Sligo team have developed an innovative automation solution for pharmaceutical manufacturers who require print and inspection of vials in end of line vial packaging lines. Manufacturers will benefit from comprehensive quality inspection and improved reliability. The vial print and inspection machine provides 100% quality inspection for printing and crimping on glass vials at all standard sizes. It offers manufacturers an advanced piece of automation equipment that adds flexibility to existing production processes.

Achieving a high throughput, the machine is designed as a continuous motion machine. Reducing wear on mechanical parts and further reducing down time, it offers manufacturers improved production capacity and reduced maintenance.

Designed for quick changeover to accommodate all standard glass vial sizes, the machine offers the potential to process anything from vaccines and sterile injectable drugs to Lyophilised active pharmaceutical ingredients.

The machines ability to process a range of products enables manufacturers to adapt to changes in supply chain and bring new products to market faster.

This state-of-the-art system is the next generation of modular machines, utilising the latest technologies to offer a truly versatile machine that can have various modules such as vial labelling added or removed. The machine has proven to be an innovative, safe and economical way to print and inspect a range of standard vials.

Ward Automation Sligo team have a proven history of developing successful innovative automation solutions for pharmaceutical manufacturers. The VP-180 vial print and inspection machine has been distinguished at the pharma industry awards in the engineering project of the year category.

If you would like to know more about the VP-180 machine, get in touch with our experts who can advise you in your automation requirements.

The Sligo Team can be reached at +353 71 9150039 or by e-mailing

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