Pharmaceutical & Biologics Equipment

Ward Automation have developed a reputation for delivering the highest quality automation solutions to the leading Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies.

We understand the regulatory requirements for aseptic product processing, our equipment is designed and comprehensively tested to ensure compliance with these high standards.

Projects include:

  • Vial & Syringe Processing systems
  • Vial & Syringe Filling
  • Vial & Syringe Inspection
  • Vial & Syringe Nest / Tub Handling & Palletising
  • Secondary Packaging Equipment

Equipment can include:

  • RABS
  • Isolators
  • VHP/IHP compatible equipment
  • 21CFR11 compliance
  • Customised Qualification Package
Case Study

VP180 – Vial print and inspection machine

Does your manufacturing process require comprehensive quality inspection and improved reliability? This vial print and inspection machine provides 100% quality inspection for printing and crimping… Read full case study
Case Study

SP-600 Syringe Inspection Packaging Machine

The SP-600 is a fully automated end of line Syringe Inspection Packaging machine, handling 600 syringes per minute. Read full case study
Case Study

Blister Pack Assembly Machine

Rotary index assembly machine 2 SCARA robots Hot melt adhesive dispense Inkjet print of date & lot number Vision inspect of print Read full case study
Case Study

Pharmaceutical Bottle Filling

Our team have 20 years’ experience building monoblock filling machines, the featured machine includes: •17 bottle sizes from 4ml to 2 litre •4 dropper tip… Read full case study

Qualification and Validation

All equipment is rigorously tested in-house, our procedures and documents are based on GAMP 5. With dedicated quality departments on both our sites, we can support our customers through their entire qualification and validation process, from placement of order through to the start of production.

Comprehensive technical documentation is supplied with our equipment which provides the client with the necessary information for operating, troubleshooting and maintenance of the equipment.

“As lives depend on our customers products, our equipment must perform to the highest quality and reliability."