Collaborative Robots at Ward Automation

The latest example of an emerging technology which we are embracing is collaborative robotics or “cobots”. 

Cobots are the latest generation of robots being implemented in industrial applications, as they can be integrated to work safely alongside operators in a factory environment.

The pictured dual arm ABB YUMI cobot is presently in our Sligo facility, where we are integrating it into one of our assembly machines.

The cell includes a collaborative robot and two external part feeding systems with vibration platforms located either side.

The application consists of the cobot selecting and assembling two plastic medical device components which require a considerable amount of dexterity to accurately assemble together.

An operator places product into each of the Asyril Asycube feed systems. These have 3-axis vibration plates to assist in the correct orientation and separation of product. The flexibility of the Asycubes enables part sizes up to 50mm to be accommodated and any future products could easily be programed for.

Each 7 axis robot arm has an integrated Cognex camera in the wrist to locate the products and the inbuilt backlight of the Asycube aids with the vision guidance on the robot.

The servo grippers on each arm pick the parts from the feed systems and assemble them together at a set force.

This is an exciting time in 21st century automation.

Please contact us to discuss any automation, collaborative or industrial robot projects you may have.



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