Using Proof of Principle to develop a Bag Folding Machine

With the increasing need to automate difficult manufacturing processes to achieve efficiencies, the PoP (Proof of Principle) approach is becoming a smart stepping-stone for automation projects while also minimising risk. This is especially so with manufacturing processes for which there is not an obvious automation solution.

A manually intensive operation of folding medical bags is a recent example of where a PoP approach progressed to a full automation project. Following brain storming meetings by our design team, an innovative automation concept evolved which in principle seemed viable. However to prove out our design and to retire the risk, it was decided to progress to a PoP robotic station.

After the success of this PoP trial, a fully automated machine was developed by our team and is now in full production producing 20 folded bags/minute. By using robotics, vision systems and unique mechanisms bags are folded and placed into trays. The technologies deployed in this machine can also be adapted to other bag sizes.

If you have a process which could benefit from a PoP approach like this, then contact our office at +353 71 9150039

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