Multi Chamber Filling Machine

Due to an increase in production demands, a valued client approached our team to develop a filling & labelling machine to help them meet this capacity.

Working in collaboration with the client, we assessed their existing filling and labelling processes. Our team designed a new automation solution and included the latest technologies to improve problematic parts of the process to deliver a much higher standard of equipment with increased reliability.

We delivered a complex machine with 26 separate product processes in a footprint less than 50% the size of the existing filling and labelling equipment which saved valuable cleanroom space.

Key machine features include:

  • Filling of 5 separate chambers to 0.02ml accuracy
  • 100% in process check-weighing to 0.001ml accuracy
  • Servo controlled pumps with auto-correction of fill volumes
  • Custom designed elastomer and label applicators
  • Co2 laser for film cutting
  • Vision guided SCARA Robot
  • 3 Cognex Vision systems for product quality checks

See this Machine Profile in partnership with Rockwell Automation


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