Minimally Invasive Device Equipment

Ward  Automation are experienced in development of R&D, manufacturing and test equipment for minimally invasive  catheters,   implants and other medical devices.

Equipment and processes include:

  • Catheter Coating & UV cure
  • Catheter UV bond
  • Catheter thermal bond
  • Catheter slotting
  • Catheter lamination
  • Catheter & tube cutting and coiling
  • Marker Band Processing
  • Flaring Equipment
  • Necking Equipment
  • Leak testing

Equipment and processes (cont.):

  • Tube Stretching
  • Balloon forming
  • Balloon wing forming
  • Stent deployment testing
  • Drug Eluting Stent Processing
  • Vacuum Systems
  • Coil Winding
  • Stent Crimping
  • Stent Handling
  • Annealing furnaces
  • Product Functional Test
  • Knotting and suture-based processes
  • Stent Crimping & Loading
  • Curing Chambers

Catheter products  include :

  • Balloon Angioplasty
  • Coronary and Peripheral Catheters
  • Stent Delivery Systems (balloon and self-expanding)
  • Urinary Catheters
  • Structural heart products

Medical Implants include:

  • Stents (coronary, peripheral and non-vascular)
  • Drug/device combination products
  • Neurovascular implants
  • Structural heart products
  • Coil-based products
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Distal Tip Cure Machine

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Qualification and Validation

All equipment is rigorously tested in-house, our procedures and documents are based on GAMP 5. With dedicated quality departments on both our sites, we can support our customers through their entire qualification and validation process, from placement of order through to the start of production.

Comprehensive technical documentation is supplied with our equipment which provides the client with the necessary information for operating, troubleshooting and maintenance of the equipment.

“As lives depend on our customers products, our equipment must perform to the highest quality and reliability."