Automation Equipment

Ward Automation are leaders in the design and build of custom automation solutions for the life science and manufacturing industries. Our recent projects range from compact bench top equipment to large automated lines.

Our machine platforms include rotary index tables, linear indexing, pallet systems and robotic cells. See our Projects page for more details on recent projects.

Proof of Concept Equipment

With aggressive deadlines on getting product to market we work with customers helping them to Design For Manufacture at the early stages of their product development cycle. The complexity of some products makes it essential to develop proof of concept equipment. Working closely with the customer we provide the concepts/animations and process development to ensure that the production equipment will be successful and all risks are eliminated. This approach often applies to legacy products that may have been considered too difficult to automate. We have a history of developing innovative designs and processes, our client testimonials are evidence of our success.

Upgrades and Rebuilds

With shorter product life cycles and continuous advancements in control technology, it is often more economical to upgrade existing equipment for improved performance and cost effectiveness.Contact us for advice on projects in this area.

Installation & Commissioning

Our experienced engineers and technicians who are directly involved in equipment design and build provide full installation and commissioning service on our customer’s premises.


Our procedures are based on FDA and GAMP guidelines. From this we can develop a process qualification package tailored specifically to the customer requirements. The package can include the Design Qualification (DQ), Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operational Qualification (OQ), these will provide support documentation for the customers Performance Qualification (PQ). We also can complete Trace Matrix and Functional Device Specifications (FDS) to customer requirements.

Controls Engineering

All machine controls systems are designed and built in-house, our controls engineers are highly skilled in programming PLC’s, Servos, Robotics, Vision systems, equipment networking and data collection.

Documentation and Support

Comprehensive documentation is supplied with all our machines. This provides the customer with all the necessary information for operating, troubleshooting and maintenance of the equipment. We can install hardware to facilitate remote programming which is particularly beneficial to our customers during the start-up learning curve.