Distal Tip Cure Machine

An international manufacturer of minimally invasive devices approached our team in Galway, with a requirement for a new machine to automatically execute a thermal cure and air cool process on the distal tip of a catheter-based product.

Due to long process times combined with short production takt times, in a single-piece flow production environment, a multi-up system was necessary in order to meet production volumes.

The team developed a 48-up PLC-controlled system, and implemented innovative design features to poke-yoke the process against the possibility of catheters being removed from the system before the full process time was elapsed, all within tight machine footprint requirement.

The system has 3 thermal curing chambers, with product ejection controlled by a 6-axis servo system, together with ergonomic status indicators, PLC & HMI.

For further information please contact our Galway office.

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