Catheter Coat & UV Cure

Application and UV curing of hydrophilic coating are important processes in the manufacture of catheters and other minimally invasive delivery systems. We have recently shipped a custom-designed fully automated Coat and Cure machine to an overseas customer, having built several similar machines in recent years.

Key machine features include:

  • Two coating layers
  • Immersion speed, immersion distance and extraction speed configurable
  • Automated coating solution level monitoring and top-up systems
  • UV cure chambers with configurable product rotation and exposure time
  • External radiometer location to enable UV lamp calibration
  • Bar code scanning of product codes and lot numbers
  • Fully automated handling of product through the machine.
  • Easily removable wetted parts to facilitate cleaning and line clearance
  • Number of dipping positions, coating layers, UV chambers and throughput may be scaled to match customer requirements

Contact Ward Automation for all your product coat and cure requirements.

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