Machine Build Technician

Job Summary

This role is responsible for applying theory and principles of electrical engineering to build, upgrade, modify, test and debug complex automated equipment under direction of engineering staff.

Job Objectives

  • Read and interpret electrical drawings and schematics and to build assemble upgrade electrical control systems for automated machinery or equipment.
  • Apply manufacturing and assembly methods, tools, procedures, techniques and instruments to deliver output that meets highest quality standards and customer requirements and expectations.


Technical Activities

  • Assemble electrical or electronic systems or support structures and install components, units, subassemblies, wiring, or assembly casings
  • Inspect drawings for clarity and liaise with electrical design engineers.
  • Review existing electrical engineering criteria to identify necessary revisions, deletions, or amendments to outdated material
  • Test, troubleshoot and validate equipment performance, compliance to applicable standards and technical specifications.
  • Build, Inspect or test wiring installations, assemblies, or circuits for resistance factors or for operation and record results

Project and other activities

  • Provide accurate duration and effort estimates for planned builds.
  • Complete assigned work within agreed timelines and quality targets
  • Where agreed timelines are no longer realistic, proactively inform project lead for immediate corrective action and adjustments to schedule baseline
  • Proactively communicate any potential risks or non-conformance observations
  • Confer with supervisors or engineers to plan or review work activities or to resolve production problems. Contribute to the cleanliness, order and housekeeping of the workshop space and parts storage
  • Understand and respect health and safety procedures, policies and regulations
  • Provide technical assistance in resolving electrical engineering problems encountered before, during, or after construction. Provide training to junior technicians as required.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Candidates with Automation experience or Third year Electrical/ Mechanical apprentice preferred

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